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Carbamazepine Tablets

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Each Tablet contains:
Carbamazepine  tablets............................ 400 mg

Each  tablet contains: Carbamazepine  200 mg or 400 mg.

Carbamazepine  - is an antiepileptic drug used to treat certain types of seizures (epilepsy) and some neurological diseases (such as painful condition of the face called “trigeminal neuralgia”) as well as certain psychiatric conditions (such as a disorder known as mania episodes of bipolar mood disorders and a certain type of depression). It must not be used for common aches or pains. Epilepsy is a disorder characterized by two or more seizures (fits). Seizures occur when message from the brain to the muscles are not properly passed on by the nerve pathway in the body. Carbamazepine helps to control the passing-way of these messages and regulates nerve functions for the other diseases mentioned above. Carbamazepine can be used for other conditions as determined by your doctor. Do not use it yourself for other problems unless your doctor says you should.

Don’t use Carbamazepine - if you have had any unusual sensitivity (rash or other possible signs of allergy) to carbamazepine or tricyclic antidepressant; or serious blood illness in the past; if you have severe heart disease; or disturbance in the production of porphyrin, a pigment important for liver function and blood formation (“acute intermittent porphyria”); if you are taking monoamine-oxidase inhibitors.

Tell your doctor if: You have had heart, liver or kidney disease in the past; you have blood illness (including those caused by other drugs); you have ineased pressure in the eye (glaucoma); you have some special mental illness, accompanied by confusion or agitation.

Use in children and in the elderly people
Carbamazepine  - may be safely used in children and in the elderly patients, keeping to the doctor’s instructions.

Be sure to take Carbamazepine  - regularly and exactly as your doctor tells you. This will help you to get the best results and reduce the chance of serious side effects. Do not take extra unpresibed doses, do not take more often, and do not take for a longer time than your doctor tells you. If you are taking Carbamazepine  -, do not suddenly stop taking it without first checking with your doctor.

Usual dosage Treatment of epilepsy is usually started at 100-200 mg once or twice a day in adults. The dosage is then gradually ineased to 800 -1200 mg a day (in some patients 1600 mg or even 2000 mg a day may be needed), divided in 2 to 3 intakes.

Treatment in children is usually started at 100 – 200 mg a day (based on 10 – 20 mg/kg body weight daily) and kept at 400 – 800 mg a day. Adolescents may receive between 600 – 1000 mg a day.

Women should tell their doctor if they are pregnant, breast-feeding, or plan to become pregnant. Your doctor will tell you the risks and benefits involved and decide whether or not to continue Carbamazepine  with strict surveillance to the pregnant women and the newborn.

Ability to drive and operate machinery Be careful when driving a car or working a machine or doing other things that need your careful attention if you are using Carbamazepine 

Carbamazepine   .....................400mg tablets

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