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  Generic Name  
Dosage Form

Amifostine for Inj. 300mg / vial & 500mg / vial

  Lyophilised Injections

Anastrazole Tablets 1mg



Bicalutamide Tablets 50mg   Tablets


Bleomycin for Inj. USP 15units / vial   Lyophilised Injections


Busulfan Tablets USP 2mg   Tablets


Capecitabine Tablets USP 150mg & 500mg   Tablets


Carboplatin Inj. BP 150mg / 15ml & 450mg / 45ml   Liquid / Lyophilised Inj.


Chlorambucil Tablets BP 1mg,2mg & 5mg   Tablets
tajdrug_Arrow Cisplatin for Inj. USP 10mg/vial & 50mg/vial   Lyophilised Injections
tajdrug_Arrow Cisplatin Inj. BP 10mg/20ml,10mg/10ml, 50mg/50ml & 100mg/100ml   Liquid Injections
tajdrug_Arrow Cyclophosphamide for Inj. BP/USP 100mg, 200mg, 500mg,1000mg, 2000mg/vial   Powder for Injections
tajdrug_Arrow Cytarabine Inj. BP 20mg/ml /5ml, 100mg/ml /5ml /10ml, 500mg/ml   Liquid Injections
tajdrug_Arrow Cytarabine for Inj. BP 100mg/vial,1gm/vial   Lyophilised Injections
tajdrug_Arrow Dacarbazine for Inj. USP 100mg, 200mg, 500mg 1000 mg / vial   Lyophilised Injections
tajdrug_Arrow Daunorubicin for Inj. USP 20mg/vial   Lyophilised Injections
tajdrug_Arrow Docetaxel for Inj. 20mg/vial, 80mg/vial, 120mg/vial   Liquid Injections
tajdrug_Arrow Dactinomycin Inj. USP 0.5mg/vial   Lyophilised Injections
tajdrug_Arrow Doxorubicin for Inj. BP 10mg/vial & 50mg/vial   Liquid / Lyophilised Inj.
tajdrug_Arrow Epirubicin Hydrochloride for Inj. 10mg / vial & 50mg / vial   Lyophilised Injections
tajdrug_Arrow Etoposide Inj. USP 100mg / 5ml, 200mg / 10ml   Liquid Injections
tajdrug_Arrow Fludarabine Phosphate for Inj. USP 10mg/vial, 50 mg/vial   Lyophilised Injections
tajdrug_Arrow Fluorouracil Inj. BP 25mg/vial, 50mg/vial   Liquid Injections
tajdrug_Arrow Fluorouracil Capsules BP 250mg   Capsules
tajdrug_Arrow Gefitinib Tablets 250mg   Tablets
tajdrug_Arrow Gemcitabine Hydrochloride for Inj. USP 200mg/vial & 1gm/vial   Lyophilised Injections
tajdrug_Arrow Hydroxyurea Capsules BP/USP 500mg   Capsules
tajdrug_Arrow Ifosfamide for Inj. USP 1gm/vial & 2gm/vial   Powder / Lyophilised Inj.
tajdrug_Arrow Ifosfamide for Inj. USP with Mesna Injection   Powder / Lyophilised Inj.
tajdrug_Arrow Imatinib Mesylate Tablets 100mg & 400mg   Tablets / Capsules
tajdrug_Arrow Irinotecan Hydrochloride Inj. 20mg/ml /2ml /5ml   Injections
tajdrug_Arrow L-Asparaginase for Inj. 5000IU/vial & 10000IU/vial   Lyophilised Injections
tajdrug_Arrow Letrozole Tablets USP 2.5mg   Tablets
tajdrug_Arrow Leucovorin Calcium Inj. USP 3mg, 7.5 mg, 10mg, 15mg / vial   Liquid Injections
tajdrug_Arrow Lomustine Capsules BP 40mg   Capsules
tajdrug_Arrow Mercaptopurine Tablets BP 50 mg   Tablets
tajdrug_Arrow Methotrexate Inj. BP 2.5mg 5mg 25mg 100 mg/ vial   Liquid Injections
tajdrug_Arrow Methotrexate for Inj. 5mg/vial, 50mg/vial   Lyophilised Injection
tajdrug_Arrow Methotrexate Tablets BP/USP 2.5mg   Tablets
tajdrug_Arrow Mitomycin for Inj. USP 2mg, 5mg, 10mg, 20mg, 40mg/ vial   Lyophilised Injections
tajdrug_Arrow Mitoxantrone Inj. USP 2mg / ml   Liquid Injections
tajdrug_Arrow Oxaliplatin for Inj. 50mg / vial & 100mg / vial   Liquid / Lyophilised Inj.
tajdrug_Arrow Paclitaxel Inj. USP 30mg, 100mg, 150mg, 250mg, 260mg, 300mg / vial   Liquid Injections
tajdrug_Arrow Pamidronate Disodium Inj. USP 15mg, 30mg, 60mg, 90mg / vial   Lyophilised Injection
tajdrug_Arrow Procarbazine Capsules USP 50mg   Capsules
tajdrug_Arrow Tamoxifen Tablets BP 10mg,20mg,30mg & 40mg   Tablets
tajdrug_Arrow Temozolamide Capsules 20mg,100mg, 250mg   Capsules
tajdrug_Arrow Thalidomide Capsules USP 50mg & 100mg   Capsules
tajdrug_Arrow Thioguanine Tablets USP 40mg     Tablets
tajdrug_Arrow Vinblastine Sulfate for Inj. USP 10mg/vial   Lyophilised Injections
tajdrug_Arrow Vinorelbine Inj. USP 10mg / ml, 50mg / 5ml   Liquid Injections
tajdrug_Arrow Vincristine Sulfate for Inj. USP 1mg / vial, 2mg / vial, 5mg / vial Inj.   Liquid / Lyophilised Inj.
tajdrug_Arrow Zoledronic Acid for Inj. 4mg / vial   Liquid / Lyophilised Inj.

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