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Zenticide (Praziquantel 600 mg tablets)

Generic ZENTICIDE ( Praziquantel ) 600 mg Tablet Patient Information

For the use of Registered Medical Practitioner only

ZENTICIDE Tablets 600mg

DESCRIPTION: ZENTICIDE (Praziquantel) is 2-cyclohexylcarbony-1,2,3,6,11b-hexahydro-4H-pyrazino-(3,1-a)isoquinoline-4-one.

M.W.: 312.42

Empirical Formula: C19H24N2O2
It is colourless and almost odourless crystalline compound with bitter taste,

COMPOSITION : Each tablet contains 600mg of Praziquantel.

INDICATIONS : ZENTICIDE is effective to all Schistosome species pathogenic to man includong wide range of Cestodes and liver and lung flukes.

DOSAGE: Dosage must be adjusted to the individual case by the attending physician. According to the result obtained so far, the following dosages are recommended.

Zenticide (Praziquantel 600 mg tablets)

Dosage Regimen

Parasites Dosage
Schistosoma haematobium 20mg/kg x 2 for 1 day
S. Mansoni 40mg/kg x 1 for 1 day
S. Japonicum 20mg/kg x 3 for 1 day
Clonorchis sinesis 25mg/kg x 3 for 1 day
Opisthorchis viverrini 25mg/kg x 3 for 1 day
Paragonimus westermani 25mg/kg x 3 for 2 day
P. Heterotremus 25mg/kg x 3 for 2 day

The numbers of tablets required for one single dose can be calculated from the following tablets.

Body weight in (kg) No. of tablets(25mg/kg) Body weight in (kg) No. of tablets
22-26 1 20 - 25/26 3/4
27-33 1 1/4 26/27 - 33 1
34-38 1 1/2 34-41 1 1/4
39-44 1 1/3 42-48 1 1/2
45-50 2 49-56 1 3/4
51 -56 21/4 57-63 2
57-62 21/2 64-70 21/4
63-68 2 3/4 71 -78 21/2
69-75 3 79-86 2 3/4

ADMINISTRATION : The tablet should be washed down at once unchewed with some liquid best after a meal. In case of repeated intake on the same day, the interval between the individual doses should not be less than 4 and not more than 6 hours. One oblong tablets has three scores. Each segment contains 150mg active ingredient so that dosage can be exactly adjusted to the patient's body weight. If 1/4 of a tablet is required, this is best achieved by breaking the segment from the other end. Segments are broken off by pressing notch with thumb nails.

CONTRAINDICATIONS : None known so far.

PRECAUTIONS: 1. Side Effects: It is mild, transient in nature and tolerable.
Dizziness, headache, drowsiness, nausea, abdominal discomfort, urticaria, rise in temperature may or may not occur.

2. General Precaution: Side effects are likely to occur more often after single dose of 40mg/kg and/or in case of a patients with heavy worm burden. In patients with liver impairment, no additional adverse effects have occured. For the treatment of cerebral and ocular cycticercosis, it is necessary to hospitalize the patient and to secure the attendance of an expert neurologist.

3. During pregnency and breast-feeding; In accordance with the general rules governing the use of drugs during pregnancy. ZENTICIDE should not be taken during the first three months of pregnancy, although animal experiments do not point out to harmful effects on either pregnant mother animal or unborn baby.

4. A breast-feeding mother can undergo treatment provided her baby is fed otherwise on the day of treatment and during the subsequent 72 hours.

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