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Dipipanone Tablets 10MG

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Generic Name : Dipipanone, cyclizine

Drug description : Each tablet contains 10 mg of Dipipanone Hydrochloride BP and 30 mg of Cyclizine Hydrochloride BP, coloured deep pink, scored and coded 'F3A'.

Presentation : Tablet.

Indications : Diconal Tablets are indicated for the management of moderate to severe pain in medical and surgical conditions in which morphine may be indicated. Cyclizine is effective in preventing nausea and vomiting associated with the administration of narcotic analgesics.

Adult Dosage : Adults: The initial dose in all conditions is one tablet every 6 hours. It is unwise to exceed this dose in view of the difficulty in accurately predicting the initial central effects of dipipanone.

Should this dose fail to prove adequate analgesia, as in severe intractable pain or when other potent opioids have been used, it may be increased by half a tablet every six hours.

It is seldom necessary to exceed a dose of 30 mg dipipanone given 6-hourly (i.e. 12 tablets in 24 hours).

Child Dosage : There is no specific information on the use of Diconal in children. Diconal is very rarely indicated in children and dosage guidelines cannot be stated.

Elderly Dosage : There is no specific information on the use of Diconal in elderly patients. In common with opioid drugs, Diconal may be expected to cause confusion in this age group, and careful monitoring is advised (see Precautions).

Contra Indications : Diconal is contra-indicated in individuals who are hypersensitive to dipipanone or cyclizine. Diconal is generally contra-indicated in patients with respiratory depression, especially in the presence of cyanosis and excessive bronchial secretions.

Diconal should not be given during an attack of bronchial asthma. Diconal is generally contra-indicated in the presence of acute alcoholism, head injury and raised intracranial pressure.

Diconal is contra-indicated in individuals receiving monoamine oxidase inhibitors, or within 14 days of stopping such treatment.

Diconal is contra-indicated in patients with ulcerative colitis since in common with other narcotic analgesics it may precipitate toxic dilatation or spasm of the colon.

As with all narcotic analgesics Diconal should not be administered to patients with severe hepatic impairment as it may precipitate hepatic encephalopathy.

In severe renal impairment Diconal, in common with all narcotic analgesics, may precipitate coma and should not be administered.

Diconal, in common with morphine and most other narcotics, may cause spasm of the biliary and renal tracts; it is contra-indicated in these conditions.


Dipipanone Hydrochloride Pain management